RYS Basic Training

An Audio Seminar Program
with instructor
Michele Fitzgerald

The crucial role of your electromagnetic field:

The human body is a very active bioelectric machine, generating countless electromagnetic (EM) fields, all the way down to a cellular level. The strongest fields are created by the activities of the heart and brain. These fields, in combination, play a critical role in shielding your mind and body from harmful, invasive energies.

Keeping your EM field in top form is an important key to maintaining
a healthy body, a happy heart, and a joy-filled, prosperous life.

Modern lifestyles, wireless communications technology, environmental conditions, and a number of other situations are weakening human EM fields. As a result of these circumstances, many people are experiencing discomfort in various categories of their life experience - in some cases, extreme discomfort.

By taking the simple steps that are reviewed in this seminar, you will begin the process of restoring your EM field to optimal function level.

My Story

After almost two years of suffering from debilitating fatigue and chronic pain, along with experiencing the most difficult time I had ever had in my life shifting negative circumstances and manifesting positive outcomes, I found that the root of my problem was my EM field and the fact that it had been weakened tremendously in recent years by various situations.

In the latter part of 2007 and concurrent with the timing of the above noted symptoms, my EM field took a nose dive and eventually dropped to 5% of its healthy function. My field was at this extremely low strength level for over 14 months before I discovered the problem.

In testing many students, clients, friends and family members, I have yet to find a single person who has not experienced some level of EM field weakening in recent years -- and the majority of people I've tested are severely compromised (under 50% of healthy EM field function).

This weakened EM field state is incredibly impacting. Not only do our EM fields play a crucial role in protecting us from invasive, non-beneficial energies (which lead to symptoms like fatigue, pain, brain fog, etc.), but our EM fields also seem to be playing a vital role in the manifestation process, acting like a type of glue that holds our positive thought forms in place long enough to ATTRACT the outcomes we desire.

Finally, I had an explanation for why my manifestation efforts were not working, and why ALL my clients, students, family members and friends were reporting the same problem.

After just two months of implementing steps to boost the strength of my EM field, I am experiencing zero fatigue, my pain levels have dropped 90% or more, and all my chaotic life circumstances that seemed to be unshiftable no matter what I tried, have finally started changing. What a relief!!!

Common signs of a weak EM field include:

  • Lack of energy
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Sleeping many hours, yet still feeling exhausted
  • A sense of overwhelm
  • High anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Chronic worries about money, health, or other issues
  • Unfounded worries
  • Health and wellness strategies not working as well as they did in the past
  • Waking up with aches and pains throughout your body
  • Fuzzy brain--feeling like you are in a mental fog
  • Difficulty staying focused, even with simple tasks
  • Eye straing (burning, pressure, blurriness)
  • Depression
  • Unstable emotional states
  • Difficulty maintaining a positive attitude
  • Sense of hopelessness
  • An increase in catching colds, the flu, or other infections
  • An increase in allergy symptoms
  • An increase in psychic or emotional invasions by others
  • Lack of enthusiasm for work or life in general
  • Great difficulty shifting negative circumstances
  • Not experiencing love, joy, or gratitude on a regular basis
  • An apparent absence of positive synchronicities in your life
While there are many situations that can create the experiences noted above, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms intensely, or if you are experiencing a combination of these symptoms, it is likely that your EM field has been compromised and is playing at least a partial role in the creation of your current circumstances.  

By learning how to better manage environmental exposures and other life elements that typically weaken EM fields, and by adding a variety of positive and simple action steps to your daily routine, you can greatly improve your situation.  

In this  program you will learn over 30 simple ways
to help strengthen your EM field.

Positive changes that commonly occur when EM field strength is adequately boosted include:
  • Better results from other health and wellness strategies
  • Increased energy and excitement about life
  • The elimination or lessening of physical pain
  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduced sense of overwhelm regarding life conditions
  • Reduced anxiety levels
  • Minimization of invasive energies from other people or places
  • Improved physical strength and stamina
  • Heightened self-confidence level
  • Stronger and more stable positive emotional states
  • More moments of love and joy in the heart
  • Increased ease in efforts to manifest positive outcomes in all life categories
  • A elevated sense of connectedness to everything and everyone

The shielding effect of your EM field:

Strong electric currents and a dynamic process within the Earth's core generate a protective field around the planet called the magnetosphere.  Along with the Earth's atmosphere, this field protects our planet from very harmful cosmic radiations.  Without this shielding, all life on Earth would be instantly destroyed.

The collective electromagnetic fields generated by the human body appear to benefit the body in a similar way to how the magnetosphere and atmosphere benefit the Earth. When your EM fields are  compromised, particularly those produced by the heart and the brain, your body and mind lose vital protection from harmful external influences, becoming vulnerable to physical infections, psychic invasions, and environmental energies that can deplete your vital energy, induce pain states, weaken your physical strength, and even inhibit your ability to manifest positive outcomes in personal and business affairs.

What is causing this problem?

Current technology, like WiFi, iPhones, and other wireless devices, along with modern lifestyles, diet trends, atmospheric and environmental conditions, emotional states, value systems, and more are playing a role in weakening EM fields. In this program you will learn about the most common situations affecting you today and what you can do to minimize or eliminate harmful effects.

The bottom-line:

  • You are exposed to a wide range of situations today that can weaken your EM field.
  • The effects of a weak EM field are always bothersome, and can be devastating.
  • The causal factors behind this problem are likely to increase in coming years.
  • With awareneness, most causal factors can be minimized or totally eliminated.
  • There are loads of very practical, easy-to-implement action steps you can take, starting immediately, to help build and maintain a strong field.

Who developed this program?

This program was developed by subtle energy researcher and intuitive coach Michele Fitzgerald. Michele has been involved in the study of subtle energy dynamics and mind-science applications for over thirty years.  

Michele has helped thousands of clients and students increase their awareness and understanding of the subtle energy realm, and how to use power-of-thought strategies to improve life circumstances.

What is included in this program?

This training program includes a two-hour recorded seminar in the form of a digital audio file (MP3 file) that can be downloaded immediately and played on your computer or any MP3 compatible device.

The recording is accompanied by an 8 page detailed course outline (PDF file) that will minimize your need to take notes during the seminar and provide you with a helpful and handy reference tool to use after you complete the program.

The goal of this seminar is to give you an introductory education regarding the bioelectric nature of the human body, along with a cart full of very practical, easy-to-implement ideas that will help you start boosting your EM field strength immediately.

Specific topics that are reviewed include:

  • Fascinating research on the bioelectric properties of the
    human body
  • Your heart and its role as your REAL brain and primary EMF generator
  • The role your EM field plays in protecting you from harmful
    external influences
  • The role your EM field plays in helping you manifest positive
    life circumstances
  • Common situations that can weaken your EM field
  • 30+ EASY action steps and simple lifestyle changes that will help
    you restore and maintain a healthy EM field





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