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Michele is no longer offering private sessions. For an excellent training program on how to self-manage your heart-brain electromagnetic fields, click here.

If you want professional help in evaluating your current EM field condition and in crafting a customized EMF booster plan, schedule a Restore Your Spark private session today with EMF expert Michele Fitzgerald.

RYS private sessions are one hour in length and conducted by telephone or computer (via Skype), so you can access this service from anywhere in the world. 

During your  session, Michele  will do a symptoms analysis and use intuitive testing to evaluate the current condition of your EM field, to pinpoint primary causal factors that have historically and are currently creating EMFD in your system, and to determine the action steps that will be most helpful to you in restoring optimal field function.

You can purchase your session by clicking on the button below. After receiving notice of your purchase, Michele will contact you by email, usually within a few hours, with several date/time options for your session.

Restore Your Spark Session


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