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About the Developer of this Website

Michele Fitzgerald is the developer of this website and the founder of the Senzar Learning Center in Sedona, Arizona. She has been involved in mind-science education and the study of subtle energy dynamics for over 30 years.  

Michele has helped thousands of clients and students increase their awareness and understanding of the subtle energy realm, and how to use power-of-thought strategies to improve life circumstances.

Having personally experienced electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity (EHS) for almost two decades, Michele has stayed very active in monitoring on-going research and the real-life effects of electropollution and other subtle energy influences on humans, plants, and animals. To help herself and others, she is continually discovering and testing new methods for maintaining optimal  health, physical comfort, and inner peace in today's technically advanced and environmentally challenged world.


To contact Michele, send an E-mail or write to:

Michele Fitzgerald
Senzar Learning Center
295 Willow Way
Sedona, AZ  86336    USA
E-mail:  senzar@sedonaportal.com

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