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There are many simple  ways to boost your EM field strength.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

How to Minimize the Negative Effects of WiFi
10 easy steps  to reduce harmful side-effects of wireless technology.

Let's Dance to Health
Short article on the myriad health benefits of dancing, style suggestions, and how to begin.

Music and Your Body
Learn why music affects us and why music therapy promotes health.

5 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health
Positive interactions with animals will warm up your heart, which is a key to a robust EM field. This article reviews five other terrific benefits of spending more time with animal companions.  

Delta Society: The Human Animal Health Connection
Research on the benefits of interacting with animals and programs to bring humans and pets together.

Benefits of Sea Salt Baths  Salt baths have been used for thousands of year to revitalize the body and spirit.  Read this article to learn more about the many benefits of this ancient remedy.

Laughter is the Best Medicine  Learn about the physical, emotional, and social benefits of laughter, along with ways to experience more laughter in your life.

Why Nature is Therapeutic
Learn seven benefits of daily time in Nature.

Color Your Diet
Enjoying what you eat is an important EM field booster.  Adding color to your diet can help amplify your joy factor and provide a host of other benefits.

The Living Matrix: A Film on the New Science of Healing A film on the power of positive thought and alternative modalities for transformative health.



Helpful People

Some situations that contribute to electro-
magnetic field dysfunction (EMFD) may require professional assistance to resolve.  Noted below are a number of talented, high-integrity service providers who can help.

EMFD Evaluation
Some EMFD cases require special solutions that are beyond the scope of the RYS Basic Training Program noted above.  For a personal evaluation of your situation and a customized action plan to restore your EM field to optimal function, consider a private session with expert Michele Fitzgerald.

Basic Space Clearing
Home and office environments play host to a variety of energetic situations that can greatly distrupt your EM field and cause problems in many other areas of your life. To help ensure health, happiness, prosperity and a healthy EM field, regular space clearings are highly advisable.  Master dowser and skilled geomancer Michele Fitzgerald offers basic space clearings that are fun, educational, affordably priced, and very effective. To learn more, click here.  

Advanced Space Clearing
Nigel & Maggie Percey are skilled geomancers with decades of  experience dealing with noxious energy problems. Some noxious energy situations require much more than a basic clean-up job.  Signs of a highly toxic situation include chronic sleep problems, autoimmune diseases and cancers developing rapidly, relationships falling apart for no apparent reason, and more. Long-term exposure to strong noxious zones  can be deadly. If you suspect you have some serious environmental issues, 
contact Nigel and Maggie for an evaluation of your situation.  

Emotional Issues
Unresolved emotional issues are a major contributor to EMFD, weaken the immune system, and attract a multitude of other life problems. 

Anneliese Hagemann is a master dowser and gifted clairvoyant who is exceptionally talented at helping individuals identify and clear emotional issues.  She has also written a number of great books that can help you learn how to clear your own issues. 

Heather Jachowski practices Inka Shamanism and possesses a diverse basket of powerful skills for combusting deep-seated emotional issues.  If you have tried other modalities to resolve your emotional issues, but with no success, Heather's unique approach may be the perfect solution for you.  


Tools and Resources

Restore Your Spark Audio Training Program
with instructor Michele Fitzgerald

Learn how to rapidly revitalize your health, attitude, finances and more by boosting the strength of your body's electromagnetic  fields.  In this two hour training program you will learn the most common causes of EMFD (electromagnetic field dysfunction), the types of health and other problems that can develop when your  EM field is compromised, and over 30 easy-to-implement action steps that will help you restore a strong and vibrant field.  For full details, click here.


Ultimate Brainwave Entrainment MP3 Program

A short-cut to meditation, this brainwave entrainment program can help your mind and body quickly achieve deep levels of relaxation, along with more synchronized and balanced brain wave patterns. For full details, click here.

Introduction to Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a remarkable, yet gentle body therapy for treating a wide range of ailments. Bowen techniques can be used on people of all ages, and animals, too.  This Scottish website offers training materials on the Bowen technique and a great overview of this therapy, including a short video that shows a Bowen practitioner performing a Bowen treatment.   You probably won't be traveling to Scotland to have a Bowen treatment, but this is a good site to review before you seek out a local therapist. If you want to learn how to do the technique so you can help others, purchasing the very affordable training manual offered on this site would be a good place to start.  For full details, click here.

Yin Yoga
with instructor Paul Grilley

This 2-DVD set by Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga's foremost authority, is the definitive presentation on this essential practice. Yin Yoga emphasizes yoga postures held on the floor for long periods of time (usually 2 to 5 minutes or longer) with a minimum of muscular effort. The focus is on gentle stretching and stimulation of the fascia and connective tissues of the body. Rather than an exclusive style of practice, Yin Yoga is the necessary complement to muscular, dynamic strength-based yoga and fitness practices.

Experience the Transformational
Power of Sanskrit Chanting

This collection of sacred Sanskrit chants is performed beautifully and is an extraordinary tool for rapidly inducing a state of serentity and peace.

The Miracle of Color Healing
by Vicky Wall

This book covers the diagnostic and healing processes of Aura-Soma therapy, discusses the symbolism and history of colour, gives examples of extraordinary cures and is enlivened throughout by autobiographical highlights and anecdotes from the fascinating life of Aura Soma's creator Vicky Wall.

Unclutter Your Life in One Week
by Erin R. Doland

It's easy to feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed when your surroundings, schedule, and thoughts are chaotic. The solution? Unclutter Your Life in One Week with organization expert and Editor-in-Chief of Unclutterer.com Erin Rooney Doland.  Erin offers useful and innovative suggestions for tackling the physical, mental, and systemic distractions in different areas of your home and office each day. Her down-to-earth approach will help you part with sentimental clutter, organize your closet based on how you process information, build an effective and personalized filing system, avoid the procrastination that often hinders the process, and much more. Once you cure the clutter, she shares practical advice for maintaining your harmonious home and work environments with minimal daily effort.

Flower Essences
by Machaelle Small Wright

In this complete and practical manual on flower essences, renowned nature researcher Machaelle Small Wright details the extraordinarily beneficial effects of flower essences on our health and balance.  Topics include: When to use flower essences. * Techniques for determining which essences are needed. * How to use them for colds, flu, asthma, allergies, etc. * Using them during serious illness and for surgery. * Testing and treating children. * Assistance and support during the death process. * Using flower essences with animals and plants.

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